2. VCSBE is obligated to pay the following taxes according to the law:

• VAT 10%

• Salary Tax

• Profit tax 24% (no profit tax in case of loss)

3. VCSBE has received grant aid in the past few decades. The items are summarized below:

5. VCSBE operates 14 city routes (of which 11 are urban), as well as six (6) provincial routes and four (4) international routes to Thailand.

6. As of June 2017, the total number of employees and workers of VCSBE is 242 (of which 19 are females). The breakdown is as follows:

• Office Staff and Technicians: 51 people (8 technicians, 4 members of the Board of Directors, 5 administration officers, 25 finance personnel and 9 planning staff)

• Technical and Maintenance Staff: 41 people

• Drivers: 133 people

• Contract Workers: 17 people

7. VCSBE consists of five divisions:

• Personnel, Policy and Administration Division

• Finance Division

• Passenger Transportation Planning Division

• Supply Parts Division

• Technical and Workshop Management Division